Service philosophy
Think what customers think, make customers satisfied
Speed up the research and development of the company's new products and improve the company's research and development level
The company's R&D center strengthens strategic cooperation with Hunan University of Science and Technology, Xiangtan University, Chengdu University of Electronic Science and Technology, etc., and makes full use of the advantages of talents and laboratories in universities and research institutes.
  • 25person
    Technical R&D personnel
  • 19items
  • 38items
    Utility model patents
  • 3items
    Appearance patent
  • Research Conditions
    The company invests much in the technological research each year. The research center has spacious and comfortable office area, complete research equipment, and adopts advanced tools like CAD, CAE, and 3D solidworks to design and conduct the research and development, which improves the efficiency. The company will invest a lot to build a hydraulic impact laboratory, a ballistics laboratory, and a microwave laboratory to improve the capability in the research and development of new products.
  • Research Team
    In order to improve the technological innovation ability, the company set up the enterprise technology research center. Currently it is composed of 25 technology researchers, among which there are an expert that enjoys the subsidy offered by the State Council, 2 postgraduates, 6 senior engineers, and 10 engineers.
  • Technological Projects
    The research center has established piling machinery R&D project team, asphalt road maintenance equipment R&D project team, mining equipment R&D project team, and new products trial production project team. The piling machinery R&D team conducts the research and development of ZYC series hydrostatic pile driver, SMW multi-drilling machine, CFG series long screw drilling machine, JBY series hydraulic walking pile frame, LGZ series hydraulic walking screw pile driver, etc. The asphalt road maintenance equipment R&D team works on the asphalt road microwave maintenance machine and has developed the WB series products. The mining equipment R&D project team works on the downhole drilling rig, bulk material stacker-reclaimer, slag-raking machine, hoisting winch, etc. And the new products trial production project team mainly conducts the trial production work. Each project team coordinates harmoniously, and each project is conducted reasonably and quickly under control.
  • Research Achievements
    1)The company has gained 3 invention patents, 9 utility model patents, and one appearance patent. 2) Important projects: the central government invested small/medium-sized enterprise technical renovation project, directional plan for enterprise technology innovation project of Hunan Province, special funding program for promoting the new-type industrialization of Xiangtan City, National Torch Plan, science and technology program of Xiangtan City, industry and informationization project of Xiangtan City, and special funding program related to enterprise development. 3) March 2011, the company successfully developed and manufactured the SMW85 multi-drilling machine and successfully delivered it to the customer. 4) November 15, 2011, the WBT-81 coupled asphalt road microwave maintenance car passed the evaluation of provincial technological achievements.