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ZYC series hydraulic static pile driver
ZYC series hydraulic static pile driver share

• Working principle: First use hydraulic static force to clamp precast piles or H piles and other special-shaped rigid piles, and then press the clamped piles into the foundation through hydrostatic force.

• Structure: The product is mainly composed of pile clamping mechanism, pile pressing mechanism, lifting walking mechanism, crane mechanism, hydraulic system, electrical series, etc.

• Scope of application: suitable for general clay, soft soil, sand foundation soil, etc., especially in karst areas with not too thick soil and coastal areas with deep supporting layers; the advantages are more obvious; there is no noise during construction, and it is suitable for noise restrictions and control It is suitable for construction in areas where vibration is restricted, such as dangerous buildings, precision instruments, river mouths, subways, overpasses, etc., without vibration.