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JBY series full hydraulic walking pile frame
JBY series full hydraulic walking pile frame share

The JBY series full hydraulic walking pile frame is a mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic integrated system independently developed by Hunan Xintianhe Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. to meet the construction needs of domestic SMW construction method, double-rotation casing down-the-hole drill, static drilling rooting method and other construction methods. A new generation of multifunctional heavy-duty construction equipment. The pile frame can be used for suspension of various types of multi-axis drilling rig power heads used in SMW construction method, 800-1200 double-rotation casing drilling power heads, and static drilling root planting construction power heads of various specifications, and it can also be suitable for hanging hydraulic hammers, Vibrating hammer, diesel hammer, long screw, half screw and other pile foundation construction tools are suitable for operation under different working conditions and have a wide range of applications.